What We Do


Guest Experiences can include events, time spent in your organization’s office space or other moments for connection. No matter where, you want an amazing guest experience. There’s nothing better than hearing good buzz after an event. 


When you want to connect your guests to your mission or message, an amazing guest experience is powerful.  Clients from non-profits to corporate marketing teams have told us it can be challenging to choose the best type of event, venue, and environment to achieve goals and ultimately, success. 



As thought leaders in luxury guest experiences, the RumbleDrum team develops guest experience concepts that raise the bar, reveal fun surprises and bring thoughtful touches designed to impress, and inspire,  your guests. Your story is told via in-person, virtual or hybrid innovative event experiences, immersive environments and well defined identity, which create opportunities for memorable engagement.


The following galleries are just a small sample of photographic evidence. The ultimate reflection of our clients’ success is seen in the guest experience and human interactions that impact communities.


Tell us your story. We’re listening. What is your ultimate goal? Are there obstacles or challenges? Do you need a turn-key event or help with a few elements? RumbleDrum creatives are skilled in anticipating and solving client headaches and pain points, all with the goal of delivering amazing guest experiences.


Let’s do something amazing.


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