S2 E22 How to Know You’re Doing a Good Job




  1. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how you’re doing. You have to look for clues and ways to measure.
  2. One of the goals of this podcast is to help listeners learn to recognize some of the clues.
  3. Don’t be afraid of feedback. Often feedback means there is going to be another “next time” project.
  4. If your clients, past and present, begin to refer you for work, that’s one way to know you’re doing a good job.
  5. Anonymous/third party surveys can provide  valuable feedback.
  6. Just because things don’t go perfectly doesn’t mean you didn’t do a good job. See #3.
  7.  Take constructive criticism gracefully, but don’t let negativism become pervasive.
  8.  When a client says, “Oh, thank you for doing that,” it often means you took care of a challenge for them.

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