S2 E17: Creatives Need to Learn to Edit




  1. Editing is not just about words. Sometimes you need to edit ideas, production plans and event decor.
  2. Sometimes less is more. Choose an element and use it to accentuate the purpose.
  3. Some of the ways creatives can edit include:  asking yourself which one of the choices has the most merit? Your budget can dictate what goes away. If it’s expected, get rid of it. Take away anything that poses a significant challenge in time, energy and money IF it still won’t be what you want it to be in the end. 
  4. Collaborate with other creatives and see what they value.
  5. Run ideas by your clients and observe their reaction.
  6. Ask yourself, “where is the biggest bang for our buck?”
  7. Look closer at anything that doesn’t contribute to telling your story or the purpose of your event. If it doesn’t move the needle, edit.



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