S1 E17: Securing the Business Part 2: Contracts



Moving from proposal to contract

Part 2 – Moving to a contract

  • The next step in the process is getting a signed contract.
  • Gather your notes from your presentation
  • Contracts
    1. Again, email us for an example of one of our contracts
    2. Termination clause
      • Acts of God
      • Think about COVID cancellation clause
    3. Liability Insurance limits
    4. Prepare in accordance with state laws
    5. Severability clause
    6. Scope of work, date and location
    7. Fee and payment schedule
    8. Remedies for late payment
    9. Protection of client from your personnel
    10. Signatures
  • Terminating a contract
    1. Always be generous
  • Transferring a contract
    1. If you have incomplete work
  • Modifying a contract
    1. Addendum – signed by both parties

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