S1 E16: Securing the Business Part 1: Proposals



Moving from proposal to contract

Part 1 – Creating a proposal

Story: Example
  • Writing a proposal
  • When to continue to work with clients you know and when to cut off a freeloader.
  • Learn as much as you can about the event on the phone before your first meeting
    1. For a corporate client, do your research
      • Google search them
      • What are their strengths, weaknesses
    2. If a bride
      • Where do they come from and what are their expectations
    3. Get dates, times, places
    4. Get scope of services
    5. Ask why they have called us
  • First meeting
    1. Understand who the decision makers area
    2. Previous events – strengths and weaknesses
    3. Understand culture and climate
    4. Discuss budget
    5. Observe details
    6. Even on a Zoom call you can pick up subtle hints
    7. Can often pick up budget hints without asking questions
    8. Know why they are having the event
    9. What are their headaches
    10. Why are they hiring us?
    11. Gather enough information to walk away and write a proposal
  • Proposal
    1. Email us and we would be happy to share an example of our typical proposal with you
    2. Communicate that we understand the client and their needs – we include one whole page about the client and include their mission statement and contact information
    3. Talk about ourselves and our capabilities
    4. Scope description
    5. Fee
      • How do we come up with a fee?
      • Give price level options
      • Delete scope if you have to but don’t reduce your feeWe like to communicate that we want longevity in our clients.
    6. List previous client references – people
    7. Also list previous event references
    8. Our proposals are more formal because our clients tend to want the details in an exacting format but you may want to have some fun with your proposal.
    9. Cut sheets – we include descriptions of our capabilities with each proposal because it’s a prime time to market yourself to the decisionmakers of the organization.
    10. Presentation of proposal
      • We like to print on nice paper, maybe put it in a nice folder or even a cool box rather than just emailing.
        1. Story –committee member showed up with a bad black and white copy of our proposal that looked terrible
        2. We also like to present in person
      • Be on time with your proposal!
        1. It’s your first impression
        2. Story: just missing or misunderstanding a major event proposal deadline
      • Discuss preferred payment terms
        1. All up front, half now, half the month of the event, monthly retainer, hourly etc.
      • Tell them you will draw up a contract and send it to them for review

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