S1 E14: Being Intentional About Building Relationships



Story of Joe’s dad, Vern

– He was an auctioneer but was really selling entertainment. He was an introvert. He planned out conversations with people. He was also very analytical and offered feedback on how to improve things. Joe is also similar that way and is an introvert. Todd on the other hand is actually an extrovert though it may not seem like it when you first meet him.


Gift-ology book by John Ruhlin– give something that people talk about rather than something your name is on.

Why is it important to make friends?

Our lives are better by having people speak into them

Think about how we can learn from someone’s life

Be interested in people. You can always learn something from the person you are talking to.

Also ask how I can make them better.

How can you build relationships with people?

  1. Send thank you notes
  2. Send notes
  3. Send birthday cards to people
  4. Send flowers to people on special occasions


Get in with the right people and the right people is everyone.

The assistants are often the gatekeepers to an organization. So, take good care of them and that relationship.



  1. Relationships with people are probably the most important thing in your day.
  2. Be interested in people.
  3. People are integral to business.
  4. Take time to meet people and make friends.
  5. Get in with the right people and the right people is everyone.


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