S1 E10: Choosing Entertainment for Events



How do you find entertainment?


Use a booking agent

    • Speakers Bureau
      • Speakers only
      • Red Propeller
    • Booking Agent
      • For music or bands or other talent
      • Box Talent
      • William Morris Agency
    • Advantages
      • Takes concerns away
      • Provided insurance in case something happens to the talent
      • Agent will handle unions fees and negotiations
      • Will handle any legal concerns
    • Disadvantages
      • Cost – If you go with a booking agency it is more expensive but it is money well spent



    • Speaker Showcases
    • Hot List by Michael Cerbelli at Special Event
    • South by Southwest SXSW


Other sources

    • Personal relationships
    • Locally known talent


Staying up on current music and trends for entertainment


Sponsored Speakers

    • For example, the Vegan lady sponsored by Cliff Bars
    • Where the sponsor pays the speaker to speak at an event onAUD3162515571
    • 3162515n a given topic


Types of Entertainment

    • Music, Singer, Band
    • Speakers
    • Simple Acts like
      • Rope Twirler
      • Comedy
      • Magic
      • Acrobats
      • Models – live mannequins, fashion shows
      • Story of dribblers
      • Actors
      • Flash Mobs
      • Games
      • Photo Booths
      • Auctions
      • On site craftsmen – engraving champagne glasses


How to pitch to your client

    • Do a snippet of the concept – story of short story poem we did for TU
    • Youtube video clip
    • Offer to send someone to go watch a performance


Taking care of your entertainment

    • Meet the entertainers before the event
    • Develop a relationship with their team
    • Meet them on the day of the event, introduce yourself to them
    • Feed them
    • Security
    • Hotels rooms
    • Gifts
    • Privacy
    • Green Room
    • Dressing room
    • Photo opportunities
    • Recommend them to others
    • The entertainment world is a small world

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