Who We Are



1. The promise of something big.
2. The excitement and preparation in advance of a significant event.

Everyone who comes through our door has a story that they want to bring to life. It may be a corporation that is launching a new product, a non-profit organization that wants to engage donors, or a bride that envisions her dream wedding. 


At RumbleDrum we take pride in being excellent storytellers through events, environments and identity. To start, our unique and multi-talented team of professionals listens carefully to understand your story inside and out.


Then, we craft a creative and meaningful way to make it happen.  RumbleDrum has the expertise to make your vision a reality. We’ll handle every detail with precision, but you’ll get all the credit. Just think of us as your silent partner.


Our mission is to help every client exclaim, “Wow! We did it!” You provide the opportunity to make an impact, and we deliver outstanding client relations and amazing guest experiences to bring it to the world. 


So, what do you say? Let’s do something amazing!


What happens when great friends start a company and intend to laugh hard every day?

RumbleDrum, of course.

Todd had spent 25 years as an architect working with some great people and incredible companies. Joe had worked with events through non-profits, small business, large corporate, government and education – and after owning his own company for several years, he was ready to start something new. After several cups of coffee, lunches and breakfasts – it was a simple text message from Todd that ignited the idea of starting something new.


When people meet the creative duo, they do not believe that Joe is the introvert and Todd is the out-going one — Once you’ve been around them awhile and you see Todd in the middle of the people and Joe huddled in the corner with his laptop and drinking Diet Coke, it all starts to make sense. As they were launching RumbleDrum, they divided responsibilities by saying that Joe is words and Todd is numbers — numbers include dates and times and dollars — and words are words—lots of them.


Together, they bring a fun but practical approach to the event world. They think through every detail from layout including fire egress and ADA standards to how guests “feel” when they walk in the room.


Getting to know them is an adventure. For best results be sure to learn some of their “rules” like not letting Joe meet with humans before 9:30 in the morning and providing Todd a steady supply of dark chocolate.



We would love to keep in touch with you… We’ll share information about what’s new or interesting in the event and guest experience world, and every now and then we like to send out free stuff!


624 S Boston Ave Ste 1030 • Tulsa, OK  74119

PO Box 660 • Bentonville, AR 72712

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